America’s Oldest Candle Company Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1840 by Thomas J Emery, the Candle-lite Company has been in continuous operation for over 175 years. As America’s original candle maker, Candle-lite’s history is filled with product and process innovation that delivers the highest quality candles to America’s homes. Today, Candle-lite has the best-selling line of candles in food, drug and mass retail stores in the United States.

Quality Since 1840Through the years, Candle-lite has developed countless innovations that led to product improvements and superior consumer satisfaction. Generations of skilled craftsmen, technicians and engineers have applied their knowledge and expertise to create candles that burn cleanly, evenly and completely. Long-standing relationships with the world’s leading fragrance houses enable us to use the purest, most natural fragrance oils to create candles that bring beautiful fragrances to life in homes across the nation. Today, Candle-lite continues to innovate and bring a superior fragrance experience to our consumers. We consistently keep our portfolio of brands updated with fragrances that are on-trend, appealing and unique.

Engaging and Listening To the Home Fragrance Enthusiast Every year, Candle-lite listens to thousands of consumer voices, validating our products for consumer acceptance and success. We lean in, listen and learn from home fragrance enthusiasts to understand their attitudes and opinions, from favorite fragrances to preferred wax types, colors and forms. Staying close to the home fragrance enthusiast is a critical component of our ongoing growth and success. We enjoy and look forward to this constant dialogue.

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