Tradition meets the future The PartyLite tradition of making the world’s finest candles dates back more than a century to the heart of New England, where American candle making has its roots. Today, our company is the global number one party plan company, selling candles and home décor in 24 different countries—in Europe, North America, Mexico, and Australia—through direct selling at parties and online via a network of almost 45,000 independent consultants.

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Premium quality Only the best materials are used in PartyLite candles. In cooperation with the leading fragrance and perfume houses in the world, PartyLite develops innovative home fragrance products with premium quality.

A new beginning Every fall, PartyLite launches new collections of scented candles, home fragrances, and accessories. This fall, PartyLite will not only renew its product portfolio, but also will introduce a new Signature brand of products with fragrances that have been specially formulated to be combined. A new party concept will strengthen the support structure for our leaders and consultants by giving them the tools they need to share the PartyLite business opportunity.

Direct selling in the digital age The classic sales party where friends meet and try out new products in a familiar environment remains the backbone of our company’s sales strategy. The Internet offers new and additional sales and communication channels, as well as new career opportunities.

Direct selling is ideally suited for tapping the Internet to serve customers where they want to be served. Consultants can generate sales via the PartyLite online shop and by incorporating various social media platforms and channels. Additionally, with “express parties,” “deco workshops,“ and “fragrance experience parties,“ PartyLite continues to offer new and modern dimensions for the traditional direct selling business.

Huge variety of job opportunities Each year, PartyLite offers a huge variety of career and sales opportunities to anyone who wants to get involved. If you’re interested, you can choose in what way you want to be part of PartyLite: as a host, consultant, leader, full-time or part-time, by selling online or at traditional parties, and much more. We offer you one of the most flexible jobs in the world, perfectly adapted to meet your abilities and needs.


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